Tuesday, March 18, 2014


SON LOVE Encyclopedia
(1/1 SitWithMoi Edition, 2013)

The eight-volume SON LOVE Encyclopedia was created by Eileen R. Tabios.  But the notional author is "Michael P." for referencing Ms. Tabios' son who had provided the raw material and inspiration for these tiny volumes (all are sized at 2" x 2").  The project was created for the SitWithMoi Blog (with its series of "Tiny Chairs with Tiny Books") and the creative process is described HERE.

The "books" are comprised of two thick cardboard panels with their versos comprising interior two pages.  The pages contain no text.  But they do contain the color red:

Ms. Tabios believes color is a narrative.  In this instance, the color red relates to Valentine's Day.  The red-painted cardboard panels were left-overs from a process where Michael P. created a Valentine's Day present for his Mom by making tiny chairs spray-painted red (the chairs were offered to Ms. Tabios who collects tiny chairs and tiny books).  Thus, Ms. Tabios conceptualized the pages as, without relying on words, manifesting her son's love.

Michael P. is currently a junior in high school.  He is pictured here with an anthology of poems by high schoolers which includes his poem "John."


  1. I love this. tiny chairs, tiny books, a holiday that has come to mean less than nothing, a color that has been maligned for centuries--all turned into something HUGE and very visible, a kid who says what can hardly be said, a mother who hears what is so often missed. You're both lucky to have each other. Love it.