Saturday, March 15, 2014


"Invispo" (two visual poems with commentary)

Ellipsis No. 15

Ancient Ellipsis (Fragment)

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Ellipsis No. 15 (2008)

Ancient Ellipsis (Fragment) (2006)

About this project:
"Ellipsis No. 15", /2008/, is a comment on "Ancient Ellipsis (Fragment)", /2006/.
"Ancient Ellipsis (Fragment)" /2006/, is a comment on "Ellipsis No. 15", /2008/.

My idea was to give the underlying concept in another image, and make it both ways. I think that "blankness" is always referential, and ellipses are the doorkeepers of invisibility.

Marton Koppany lives in Budapest, Hungary. He has been dealing with visual poetry, language art, intermedia etc. since the beginning of the 80's. His latest book in print is Addenda (Otoliths, 2012). His new ebook, Hungarian LangArt, can be downloaded here: 

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