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Here Goes Nothing (Revised)
(Creative Commons, 2014)

Here Goes Nothing (Revised) is a book that collects approximately 450 text results from a search of the phrase, "Here goes nothing."  The book presents seemingly blank pages because the content was, in the author's words, "whited out by raising the gamma to 10.0 and then drawing what appeared to be a narrow white diagonal line through the image from upper left to lower right, followed by much free line scribbling in white to rub out the image as much as possible."  This contrasts with the original version of Here Goes Nothing which, by using black font, did not present "blank" pages.  

Here is a sample page from Here Goes Nothing (Revised):

The original image of the above looks as follows:

While the whited-out image above doesn't look entirely blank, the pages as presented in the book hosted by Creative Commons presents seemingly blank pages, as in the image below (the faint wavy lines are a function of lighting when one takes an Iphone photo of computer screen); these blank pages are what you see as you go to the book link and start e-turning the e-pages:

BIBLIOTHECA INVISIBILIS Librarian Eileen R. Tabios believes Lemonodo's Here Goes Nothing (Revised) is a lovely extension of the art genre of white-on-white.

Lemonodo has little by way of curriculum vitae to mention despite being quite old enough by now.  It was a surprise to win recognition for a sound poem written to celebrate the opening of Denise Fujiwara's dance production of Christian Bök's Eunoia in Toronto:

This list of blogs offers some indication of Lemonodo as a writer:

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