Thursday, April 10, 2014


O Poems
(currently in manuscript form, Bangalore, India, 2014)

About the Project
I see this work as extending from 100 Poems.  As an attempt to reduce further, I decided to write poems with titles alone and make the body 0: unpoeming the poem as opposed to leaving them untitled. I call these ‘0 Poems’.
--SS Prasad

Here are images from the book (click on images to enlarge):

SS Prasad is the author of 100 Poems. He writes from Bangalore, India.


  1. I love the idea, but feel that then the un-poem needs to have more than one word.
    The concept has already been explored by painters creating blank canvases.

  2. Thanks for writing in, Jane.

    The use of blank canvases by painters may be a special case in painting, beyond the 3σ of its norm, but common place in shadow play, at its mean, µ. This does not make shadow play a better/advanced art than painting with blank canvases. And even if in this form with words as poetry may be an ‘outdated’ idea to be declared DONE forever, I don’t mind redoing it: The Bhagvad Gita was told twice earlier.

    And I think 1 word/ 0.3473 word/1.5675 words should suffice for poetry. For the same reason I consider Arun Kolatkar’s The Traffic Policeman as the first book of wordless poetry from modern India in an example I presented here.


    The line break exists in the conceptualization of it.

    This does not restrict it from being considered a dance book- it is full of mudras.