Tuesday, April 8, 2014


"Commissioner of Baseball for the British Isles," A Nomination

About the Project:
"I've been trying to persuade a friend of mine, an American long resident in Britain, currently principal of a university, that he should accept my nomination that he be the first Commissioner of Baseball for the British Isles, even if no teams exist; but he doesn't get that he'd thereby be putting a frame around something than ought to exist, if only because someone in his position framed it, which he would head if it did exist, but for now his assuming such a title would be, of course, the epitome of Conceptual Art. Also less work."
--Richard Kostelanetz

More information about Mr. Kostelanetz's "framings" is available HERE.

Individual entries on Richard Kostelanetz’s work appear in various editions of Readers Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers, Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature, Contemporary Poets, Contemporary Novelists, Postmodern Fiction, Webster's Dictionary of American Writers, Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, Directory of American Scholars, Who's Who in AmericaNNDB.comWikipedia.com, and Britannica.com, among other distinguished directories.  

The painting of Richard Kostelanetz (right) is by Leonid Drozer.

More information about Richard Kostelanetz is available HERE.

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